When we think that tomorrow will never come, it has already become yesterday.

Henry ford  (1863- 1947)
American businessman and entrepreneur

An unparalleled environment and context.

The extensive and specialised SEIC spaces represent our commitment to the advancement of cellulosic technology. With a dedicated work environment, we offer an ideal framework for innovative projects and pioneering research in the field. Our facilities provide the required infrastructure for large-scale projects, ensuring an optimal environment for the development and implementation of innovative solutions. We are proud to collaborate on projects that promote excellence and sustainability in this dynamic field.

Spaces for developing and rethinking

SEIC has a modern development centre, which allows our professionals to have the right spaces and technology to work exhaustively on solutions and innovations for our clients:

– Cooking, rinsing, washing and pressing materials that require it.
– Preparation of pastes, pulping, refining and purification.
– Thermoforming.
– Paper making machine.
– Coating machines.
– Raw materials, process and final product laboratory.
– Space for partners and meeting rooms.
– SCADA integrated in the process.
– Other confidential processes.

Our facilities, with more than 2,000 m², are located in the historic Guasch industrial complex, in Capellades (Barcelona): a building with decades of factory history, in a municipality historically linked to paper production –an unsurpassed environment and context.