Sometimes you have to decide between something
you are used to and something you would like to know.

Paulo Coelho de Souza, Playwright (1947)
Brazilian novelist and lyricist

Together, we are creating a new era of excellence in cellulosic engineering.

Our engineering services are undergoing a revolutionary transformation in cellulosic innovation and research. We are leading the way to a more sustainable and efficient future with new technologies and innovative practices.

With a strong focus on cellulosic research, we are promoting significant changes in the way we approach engineering projects. This evolution will not only improve our operational efficiency, but also open up new opportunities for collaboration and innovation in this rapidly changing industry.

Industrial advice

Our expertise allows us to advise clients with demanding and very specific innovation needs, devising and providing solutions, both to remedy specific problems and to improve and evolve existing processes.

Always with proximity and trust, and with environmental responsibility as the main premise.

Projects in cellulosic innovation and research

We currently develop projects related to:

– Paper and cardboard
– Coating
– Thermoforming
– Panels
– Special fireproof cellulose, etc.

If you work in this sector and you have any concerns about improving your processes, contact us and we will study your specific case.

Sustainable barriers

We work with our partners to achieve solutions for:

– Water barriers
– Water vapour barriers
– Barriers to oils and fats
– Oxygen barriers

Avoiding traditional methods, such as the use of plastic or halogen elements, as well as any component that is not sustainable under the criteria of recyclability and compostability, at SEIC we have developed completely sustainable barriers, a key innovation for the modern cellulose industry.

Optimisation of processes

Both in advisory projects and in the development of new technologies, at SEIC we always keep in mind that the created solution must not only be ecologically responsible, but must also be optimal in the whole process to which it is applied. This means optimising for:

– Production
– Quality, in process and in product
– Energy consumption
– Water consumption
– Waste minimisation

Automation of processes

Nowadays, processes need to be automated. At SEIC we achieve this thanks to the introduction of systems for receiving signals and issuing responses in an open or closed loop, using field elements such as pressure, level, temperature, flow, consistency, pH, conductivity, turbidity, etc.

To this end, we integrate all the signals in our PLCs and, with our programming, we automate processes, make them stable, facilitate visualisation at any time, allow changing setpoints and a long list of actions that also consider security and alerts throughout the process.


Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) software is essential for the monitoring and control of any automated process.

For this reason, at SEIC we are integrators of the Aveva system of the Becolve Digital group, number 735773, and we are a certified Expert Partner Program Professional (Registered Certified System Integrator).

In this way, we can guarantee a high degree of automation and historization of signals, using a state-of-the-art system.

Turnkey projects

SEIC can take charge of projects comprehensively, taking responsibility for all the areas and services it offers, from their conception to their start-up. In this way, the client only deals with one representative and conflicts between parties are minimised.

Team training

To achieve the maximum efficiency of the solutions provided, at SEIC we also train the team that will later have to deal with the exploitation of the process. We give a specifically adapted instruction to the system that the technicians will operate on a day-to-day basis and, once it has been put into operation, we remain at the client’s disposal until its full integration.

Business plans and search for grants

At SEIC, we also accompany our clients in the creation of their business plan. We provide our vision, based on our experience, both in terms of investment and operating costs, as well as the market prices of final products. In this way, we contribute to the generation of a useful business plan when making company decisions that can be crucial.

In addition, when a project can be developed entirely by the client, we can contribute our knowledge in the search for financing systems, grants and subsidies.