Natural fibres from agricultural residues

Ecological responsibility is no longer a virtue,
it is a necessity.

Utilisation of unused fibres in food processes

The need to do things differently,
thereby improving the environment.

Decreased dependence on tree fibres

Differently, where our projects make for a more sustainable world.

Obtaining sustainable barriers

Sustainable to be consistent.

Avoiding the use of plastics in fibre processes

Being consistent is what motivates us.

We achieve economic performance through responsible production.

The main values that we contribute from SEIC in the development of solutions for the paper and cellulose industrial sector are our technical knowledge and our experience.

At SEIC, we are motivated by the valuation of waste or materials that others consider already lost and we base our technological development, the generation of new uses for natural materials –such as paper or cellulose– on sustainable transformation.

1,6 million

tons of single-use plastic every year, Spain generates.
This is equivalent to a production of 34 kg per person per year.

900 million

trees are cut down every year in the world.

1 Ton

of cellulose that does not come from trees
saves 17 trees from being cut down.

Engineering services

Our clients’ projects are tailor-made. Each of them supposes a unique challenge and, consequently, so do the solutions. Always working alongside the client and with a high level of environmental awareness, we enable the creation of new alternatives that provide innovative, responsible and efficient responses to the challenges and shortcomings of 21st century companies.