A man never knows what he is capable of until he tries.

Charles Dickens (1812-1870)
English writer

We have the global strategy and vision, with an integrated workshop for efficient solutions.

At SEIC, we carry out projects for specialised industrial processes in the paper industry and related cellulosic industries.

We design pulp preparation circuits: our projects provide solutions for circuit improvements, circuit changes or completely new circuits.

We design from the flow sheet, balance sheet, layout of the facilities to the appropriate budgets according to the needs of the clients, proposing turnkey projects.

We approach each project as a unique and exciting challenge. We search for the optimal and specific solution for each project. With integrated engineering, our workshop has the capacity to provide a comprehensive service, with digital technologies, such as 3D, which allow a preview of the project before it starts.

We are engineering professionals

At SEIC, we have a 1,000 m2 workshop, equipped with a 6.5 ton overhead crane, and capable of manufacturing most of the machinery needed for our projects.

We can also carry out the assembly of the elements there and, once ready, we take them to our development centre where we can carry out the relevant functional tests and show them to the client.